Lucky Draw #4

Fair Practice: We Are Parasites

Winner: Platform BK

The last draw for the lottery organized by Platform BK in TetLokaal, Bilderdijstraat 157A-165 started at 19.30.

There is a discussion about the Fair Practice. Now that even the Council for Culture has urged to respect Good Governance, it is important to articulate what this means, Instead of asking this question to institutions, Platform BK opts for a bottom-up approach: what are the desires and expectations from the field of art, what does Fair Practice mean for them?

In Belgium, there have been several gatherings over the past year to work on a Fair Practice trademark for the arts, based on sustainability, transparency, solidarity and diversity. In the Netherlands, the theme has been addressed before by the performing arts sector. Against the backdrop of recent developments in the Dutch artistic field, this roundtable discussion around one of the four concepts in the “Belgian clover”: transparency. Both the visuals arts and performing arts in the NL and Belgium will be represented.

Participants:Robrecht Vanderbeeken, SOTA; Katrien Reist, Jubilee; Anoek Nuyens, Het Transitiebureau; Peter van den Bunder, FNV Kiem; Yvonne Grootenboer, Platform BK; Irene de Craen, Platform BK, Director of Hotel Mariakapel. Moderated by Rune Peitersen, Platform BK

“We Are Parasites” questions how some right-wing politicians label artists as parasites, exploring how we are all parasites, as we are all, in fact, interdependent. Furthermore, the song mentions the 2011 letter “More Than Quality”, written by Halbe Zijlstra – then the Dutch state secretary of culture – explaining his vision for cultural funding policy. In the song, it is argued that to ask for more than quality is, actually, just asking for quantity and productivity, while support for the arts should rather be fueled by care.

Download the song, comic and lyrics for free here

Produced by Wok The Rock & Casco
Music by Leilani Hermiasih
Lyrics by Leilani Hermiasih & Wok The Rock
Vocal & Keyboards: Leilani Hermiasih
Comic strips by Wok The Rock

Vocals recorded by Daniel Hollos in Berlin, Germany
Mixed and Mastered by Brian Esselbrugge at Studio Brainwash, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Liner notes: Steyn Bergs
Photos: Carlijn Bakker