Lucky Draw #3

Collaboration and Alternative Strategies: Storm Over Cut

Winner: Casco

Das Spectrum is hosting the third lucky draw of Parasite Lottery on 23 June 2016. Next to the lucky draw, food, drinks and music there will be a new Stormhoek-edition —a series of presentations by artists and initiatives around the issue of solidarity, collectivity and collaborations as an alternative strategies.

The speakers are: Teun Castelein, Wok the Rock, Kate Price, Cecilia Rebergen, Paul van Katwijk and Eva Olthof. The talk will be moderated by Pim Tieland, the introduction by Steyn Bergs, food by Nadine van Veldhuizen and music by Vincent de Boer.

“Storm Over Cut” is about the diverse strategies that artists have employed to cope with budget cuts. The first verse presents those who are actively fighting policy, either through protest or through negotiations, The second shows how some are dealing with the situation by adapting, for instance by adopting entrepreneurial newspeak. Finally, in the third verse, there is “Parasite Lottery” itself as an attempt to create collectivity and solidarity.

Download the song, comic and lyrics for free here

Produced by Wok The Rock & Casco
Music by Leilani Hermiasih
Lyrics by Leilani Hermiasih & Wok The Rock
Vocal & Keyboards: Leilani Hermiasih
Comic strips by Wok The Rock

Vocals recorded by Daniel Hollos in Berlin, Germany
Mixed and Mastered by Brian Esselbrugge at Studio Brainwash, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Liner notes: Steyn Bergs
Photos: Carlijn Bakker