Lucky Draw #2

Budget Cut Effect: Slow Burn

Winner: SMBA

This second lucky draw generously hosted by SMBA (Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam), one of the organizations participating in Parasite Lottery.

In anticipation of this event, we share a cartoon and a song written by Wok The Rock and Berlin and Yogyakarta-based musician Frau (Leilani Hermiasih). Both the cartoon and the song are produced especially for this occasion at SMBA. Please note that this lucky draw will be followed up immediately by the event ’Diversity, criticism, and the closure of SMBA‘, organized by Tijdschrift Kunstlicht.

Inspired by the eponymous 2002 Bowie song, as well as by the now-popular way of describing the long-lasting, detrimental effects of the 2012 budget cuts in the Netherlands, “Slow Burn” narrates the experience of someone affected by these cuts: restless, precarious, and feeling like a firefly caught up in a cobweb. The song imagines the period from 2013 – when the impact of the austerity measures first became visible – until 2018 – when artists and other cultural producers are still experiencing the effects of the slow burn, struggling to make ends meet and to find the funds required for artistic desire.

Download the song, comic and lyrics for free here

Produced by Wok The Rock & Casco
Music by Leilani Hermiasih
Lyrics by Leilani Hermiasih & Wok The Rock
Vocal & Keyboards: Leilani Hermiasih
Comic strips by Wok The Rock

Vocals recorded by Daniel Hollos in Berlin, Germany
Mixed and Mastered by Brian Esselbrugge at Studio Brainwash, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Liner notes: Steyn Bergs
Photos: Carlijn Bakker