Lucky Draw #1

Cultural Policy: Pull The Plug

Winner: Das Spectrum

The first lucky draw is hosted by Casco in a small and intimate park in front of their office. The event include a live performance by Frau, guests include Steven ten Thije, research curator at the Van Abbemuseum, cultural worker and DJ Friso Wiersum, and Charles Esche, chairman of Casco’s board, who will say a word of welcome. In solidarity with SMBA, Das Spectrum and Platform BK.

In anticipation of this occasion, we are also happy to share the first comic strip and song, relating to this event specifically. The comic strips and music in Parasite Lottery address topics regarding the political economy and funding systems in the field of contemporary art.

“Pull The Plug” is the starting point for Parasite Lottery, and was written from the perspective of the politicians and policy makers that are cutting cultural budgets. As it so often is, the argument of Pull The Plug is mainly pragmatic: in times of crisis and exigency, it argues, there is no room for arts and culture, and the disgruntlement of those who think differently cannot change a thing about that. Furthermore, phrases like “leftist hobbies” make clear that pulling the plug is a conscious political move, as well an attempt at silencing of voices that are opposed to official policy.

Download the song, comic and lyrics for free here


Produced by Wok The Rock & Casco
Music by Leilani Hermiasih
Lyrics by Leilani Hermiasih & Wok The Rock
Vocal & Keyboards: Leilani Hermiasih
Comic strips by Wok The Rock

Vocals recorded by Daniel Hollos in Berlin, Germany
Mixed and Mastered by Brian Esselbrugge at Studio Brainwash, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Liner notes: Steyn Bergs
Photos: Carlijn Bakker